Introduction: Recycle Plastic Bottle--BOWL

This is a very easy project to do for the holidays or everyday. I use recycled plastic soda bottles and turn them into bowls.

TOOLS: 1-2-Litter Plastic Soda Bottle,Wire Cutters, Permanent Markers,1-Tea Lite Candle,Box Cutter,Mod Podge and a GREAT IMAGINATION!!!!!

Step 1: Take and Cut the bottom of the 2-Litter Soda Bottle. Not: You can save the top half for future projects.
Step 2: Light Tea Lite Candle,and take the bottom part of the bottle and hold it with wire cutter's and hold it over the Tea Lite Candle flame.
Step 3: Go around the edges of the bowl. Hold bowl over Tea Lite candle with wire cutter's and bend them inwards or you can get cut. Note Make sure to check all around the edges;to make sure that are none sticking out.
Step 4: Color the inside of your bowl with selected colors.Note: You paint on the inside so your design doesn't get messed up.
Step 5: Go over your design with some MOD PODGE and let dry. Job well done

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