How to Create Cards by Recycling & Reusing Old Cards

Introduction: How to Create Cards by Recycling & Reusing Old Cards

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Recycle & Reuse Card Making Tutorial

A great way to reduce waste is to recycle and reuse materials. Great for Mothers Day & Birthdays etc

Here is a simple guide of what to do with some of this waste and turn it into a wealth of resources and assets for your creations throughout the year.


Approx 10min

Step 1: What You Will Need...

Materials Used:

Old Wrapping paper

Old Celebration Cards

A4 Card


PVA Glue

Double sided tape

Masking tape

Step 2: Collate and Cut Up Cards...

Select the cards that you like or that have features or images that you can use again.

Cut the cards leaving only the element you desire and can use later for a birthday or other occasion.

Step 3: Fold the Card

Step 4: Arrange / Display Your Elements on the Card...

Consider a background first

Step 5: Stick Your Desired Arrangement Down ....

Step 6: Watch This for Assistance

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    6 years ago

    Those are cute :)