Introduction: Recycle T-Shirts Into Headbands

Our Instructable will show you how to transform old T-Shirts into a vibrant and stylish braided headband. No need to spend $10-$15 on a name brand headband. Do It Yourself.

If you are like us or have kids like us, you are certain to have T-Shirts that are torn, tattered, or you have simply outgrown them

Anyone can make our headbands. This is a very quick and easy project that should take you about 10-15 minutes to make it. This saves you time and money. And, the color combinations are endless depending on your T-Shirt wardrobe collection. Best of all, they are FREE!


Another collaborative project by DIS Demons

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

  • Old T-Shirts (pick 2-3 of different colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Glue Gun

Step 2: Braiding Skills

We will show one style of braided headband. If you want to get fancy and try different styles, see the link below.

How To Braid

Step 3: Cut Strips

First you have to cut the bottoms off of the clothing/cloth with the scissors. It will be easiest to just cut off and use the bottom hemmed fringe of the T-shirts. But, you can continue to cut more strips about 1 inch wide to make multiple strips from the same T-shirts. The more strips you cut, the more headbands you can make.

Step 4: Glue Together at One End

Use your hot glue gun to glue the ends of 3 strips of material together at one end.

Step 5: Braid

Now you braid the cloth together to get a long braid of cloth.

Again, if you are not familiar with braiding or want to try different styles, click here to learn how to braid.

Step 6: Glue Ends

Once you have braided to your desired length, glue the other end together so both ends are glued.

Step 7: Wear It

Finally you put it on and wear it like a boss.

Step 8: Summary

What we have learned when making this product is to be careful when using a glue gun. They can be dangerous so be careful. This was an enjoyable product to make. If you decide to make our DIY headband we hope that you have a good time and an enjoyable one too. This should not be a long, frustrating, stressful project. This should be fun and exciting. If you make this braided headband we hope you have a nice time.

When your friends ask where you bought your cool and stylish headband you can tell them, "I made it"!

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