Introduction: Recycle Your Dead Old Laptop Battery

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Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India .

Today i'm going to show you How to Recycle Your Dead Old Laptop Battery .

Many People Think That If A Laptop Battery Don't Work On Laptop That Means It's Fully Dead

No! They are Wrong

Only Few People Know That Still There is 80% Chances of Recycling .

Now Let's Get Started

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How to Open The Battery Pack

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Step 1: Why Is It So ?

Look Laptop Battery Manufacture Do this For Safety Reasons

Usually The Laptop Battery Comes in 3 Cell Pack And There is Total 6 Cell 2 in Parallel And 3 in Series

Here are Some Reason Why Your Battery Still Have Some Life on it

• If 1 Cell means 2 Parallel Cell Goes Dead The BMS ( Battery Management System) Will Disable The Hole Battery . Still 2 Cell means 2 Parallel Cells (or 4 individual Cell ) Have Some Life on it It can still be Used .
• If The BMS ( Battery Management System) Don't Work it will disable The whole Battery There is 90% chances of (6 individual Cells ) Have Some Life on It

• BMS ( Battery Management System) Count The No. of Charge and Discharge Cycle and when it Complete a certain cycle it'll Disable the battery ( The Manufacturer do this For Safety Reasons ) Still There is 50% Chances You Can Find Some Good Cell on it .

Step 2: Stuff I Used

  • TP4056 Module click
  • Vichy VC99 Multimeter click
  • Panasonic 18650 3400mAh 100% Original click

Step 3: Harvesting the 18650 Battery

Now Carefully Remove The Cells From The Pack

Sorry I have not clicked The Photo To Show You

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But it's so easy to do it .

But Do it Carefully

Step 4: How to Know Which Cell Are Good OR Bad ?

Now Here Comes The Main Part

You Need A Multimeter

Now One By One Test The individual Cell

  • If You'll Get The Reading on Your Multi-meter The Cell is Good one
  • If You'll Not get the Reading on Your Multi-meter The Cell is Dead one

Step 5: How to Charge Them Safely

It is very necessary to charge them with a Appropriate Charging Board

I used TP4056 Module

The Board Features Several of Safety

  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Charging Indicator
  • Battery Full Indicator

How to Connect The Battery

  • Battery Positive to Board B+
  • Battery Negative to Board B-

How to Connect The Load

  • Out+ to Your Load
  • Out- to Your Load

Step 6: Just Connect Your Wall Adapter ( Mobile Charger )

When it Charge the RED Led Will Glow

When The Battery is Fully Charge The BLUE Led Will Glow

Now You Are Ready To Use Anywhere You Want