Introduction: Recycle Chair Leg Stool Fails

After lots of fails I have settled on a way to recycle old chair legs into stools that is strong, cheap and simple.

I thought it would be fun to document these fails for the epic fail competition

I did find a design I am happy with after lots of workshop fails, see "Recycled chair leg stools"

Step 1: Dowel

Large dowel was the first method I tried.

I used large diameter dowel (40mm). I drilled dowel sized holes vertically into the legs and made an angled jig to set the seat up under the pedestal drill to drill holes on an angle through the seat.

This method worked to connect the leg to the seat however I wasn't happy because the top of the leg wasn't flush under the seat and I was not going to fuss about putting an angle on the top of the leg.

So this method was a fail for me because it was way to fussy and time consuming.

Step 2: Purchased Brackets

These brackets fitted to the top of the leg easily and with two extra holes and screws they were secured.

To me this method was a fail because I didn't want to have to purchase anything.

I did copy the angle from this bracket to make my own timber brackets.

Step 3: Leg Colour

The legs are mostly different shapes and sizes, I'm not sure this always looks appealing.

I experimented with the looks by painting all the legs white, and by making one stool with similar legs from one chair.

Step 4: Bracket Material

These brackets need to be made from hardwood, I made these from pine and they only lasted a few days, mind you they were being used by students so they got a good testing.

Step 5: Maximum Surface Area at Top of Leg

I ended up making these legs shorter to get more surface area at the top of the leg, again while being used in the workshop one of the legs broke away from the bracket.

Step 6: Recycled Chair Leg Stools

These are some of the finished stools.

This is my Instructable on how to make them

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