Introduction: Recycle Old Boring File Covers Into Something Unique!

    This instructable shows how you can convert your old boring file covers into this amazing journal. The best thing about this instructable is that everything I have used is recycled. For me, personally, DIY means to make something spectacular, reusing old things rather than buying new!

    I bet a lot of you guys would throw away your old file covers. Well don’t!! Because today I am going to tell you guys how you can convert your old boring file covers into something amazing.

    Since I have made this journal, I have not felt the need to have any other notebook. It’s an all-purpose journal, where I write my articles, ideas, blogs, literary everything.


    • (Old) file cover
      Fabric of choice
    • Glue. Scissor. Cutter. Puncture. Ruler. Pencil
    • Coloured cardboard/thick paper of choice
    • Ribbon
    • Few pages
    • Cardboard piece
    • Silver spray paint (optional)

    Step 1:

      I bought a notepad few days back, which was inside this file cover. My notepad was finished, but didn’t feel like throwing away the cover. So I decided to recycle it!

      I took the file cover (with pocket inside) and cut my fabric, a little larger than the file cover. I am going to use this fabric to cover my file cover. First I applied glue on the outside of the file and pasted the fabric. Then I applied glue on the inside of the file (only on the outer edges this time) and stick the remaining fabric. You can always cut any excess fabric after you have glued it to the file.

      Now put it aside to dry.

      Step 2:

        At the end of school year, I have a lot of notebooks with a few pages left blank. Instead of throwing them away, I always tear off the blank pages and keep them to be reused. Now I will tell you how to make the inside notebook. I took a paper and drew an outline of the size of page I need for my notebook (keep it a little smaller than the file).

        Cut it and then used it as a guide to cut other pages.

        Step 3:

          Now using the page of desired size, I drew an outline on colored cardboard paper and cut it according to the size too.

          Now if your sketching is not as good as mine, google any of your favorite design and print it out. I used a snowflake design (inspired from frozen).

          Cut it around the outline and used it as a guide to draw it on the coloured cardboard paper. After I have done that I cut it using the cutter. Remove the design.

          Step 4:

            I stacked all my pages with coloured cardboard page on top and made holes at the side using the puncture.

            I also punched the holes at the side of cardboard (I got my cardboard from a shoebox). This will be the base of your notebook.

            Step 5:

              I cut the ribbons to desired length

              Looped each one in through the holes.

              Tied a knot.

              Tip: Now you can also use binder rings for this purpose, but personally I don’t prefer them because they make writing difficult and also makes your notebook thick!

              Step 6:

                Now this is an optional step, but I sprayed my first page of the notebook silver.

                Step 7:

                In the end, I just assembled the journal by sliding the cardboard (notebook base) inside the file cover pocket.

                Your life journal is ready!! And the best part about this journal is that, if you are out of pages, you don’t have to throw away the whole; just add more pages and you are good to go. Do try this instructable and if you do, do send me the pictures. Also this is just my version, you guys can always innovate and make it your own.


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