Introduction: Recycled Bag Jump Rope

A wonderful way to recycle plastic grocery bags. Kids get a lot of enjoyment creating something on their own. All you need is about 30 plastic grocery bags and a pair of scissors. Most first and second graders I have shown this can do it in about an hour..


25 to 30 plastic grocery bags
Pair of scissors

Step 1: Collecting Bags

You will need about 25 bags for a 8 yr old, and 30 bags for a 12 yr old.
Colors are great. Many dollar stores or large retail chains have bright colors for their bags. But don't go getting extra bags just for the colors. Always recycle ones that have been already used.
Make sure bags do not have rips or slices in the sides. These will weaken and tear apart if pulled during the weaving process.

Step 2: Cutting the Bags

This step you may want to get an adult to help you get started. You will need a flat surface like your desk at school or a kitchen counter that you can spread out a whole bag flat.

You can reverse these steps if your left handed.

Step 1. fFatten the bag out on your table with the two handles to the left and the bottom of the bag to the right

Step 2, fold the bag twice by taking the edge closet to you and folding it twice to the top.

Step 3. Cut one inch of the bottom, and one inches from where the handles meet there to of the bag

Keep the middle larger section, and recycle the two smaller handles and bottom pieces you cut off. Place the scraps in a plastic bag in your classroom. Your teacher or parent s can recycle these just like other plastic grocery bags.

Repeat the step for all 30 bags. Be cautious not to use a bag that is torn or ripped in the middle. It could separate during the braiding process

Step 3: Snake Chain Loops

Loop three bags together

Connecting to bags together by looping into each other is thevmethod you will use to lengthen your plarn

This step at first may be a little tricky, but once you get it you will use it for the rest of your life.

Firat take care if the end of one bag and slide it through the opened end of another bag about two or three inches

Step 2 now take the snake's tail and slide it up through its mouth. Now grab the top of that tail and pull it till the snakes mouth closes.
Don't pull too tight or you'll break the snake but make sure his mouth is shut.

This is the snake loop. you will repeat this each time you need to lengthen your plearn to continue braiding.

For the next step you'll need three sets of three bags snake chained into each other.

Step 4: Starting Braiding Loop

Loop three sets of 3 bag chains.

Place all three loop chains parrsellelt to each otherretch out all three bags so that they lie next to each other.

One bag should stop a third from the first bag and the last bag should start 2/3 from the end of the first bag. This is important so that as you braid the snake heads don't come together all at the same place.

You may want an adult to do this next step for you.

Slide all three bags together into one line and tie a knot so that each of the three chains are secured in the knot.

You will end up with three loops past the knot. These loops are what you connect to a doorknob to start braid.

Keep adding loops to your chains.

Step 5: Braiding the Chains

Creating a braid is simply using three or more strands of material to interlock them into a rope or in this case a braid.

In our illustration we are using three different colored bags. It's not required but may be helpful for a beginner.

You will always have a left chain middle chain and right chain.

Step 1
Left over Middle under Right
Step 2
Right over Middle under Left
Step 3
Snug and repeate

Great Job! You just created your braid.
Repeat that about 4 or 5 times then stop do we can add more snakes to the chains
in your left hand hold on to the left chain. And your right hand hold the middle chain and the right chain.

Step 6: Finish Rope

Finished the rope length to fit of the child 6' got 8 yr old to 7' for 12 yr olds
Then tie in a knot at all loops leaving all three loops over the knot. Continue braiding until you reach desired length.
Knot and cut off two inches from knot.

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