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Introduction: Recycled Clock Stand

I recently picked up a Nokia Lumia 520 the use for a home automation access station but then thought, why have a unitasker when we can have a multitasker (kudos to Alton Brown). This would also make a nice bedside alarm clock.

  • Polyethylene foam (Left over packing foam from server equipment)
  • Phone
  • 1/4 inch braided elastic
  • Clock application (I used Night Stand Clock)
  • Something to use as a button. (dead highlighter)
  • white glue (not pictured)
  • 1 chopstick(not pictured)
  • hobby saw and knife

Step 1: Let's Build It

Using your saw or a handy kitchen knife cut the foam to length and size you wish for the stand. Mark where you want the phone and cut a recess. Use caution not to go too deep. Save some of the scrap foam for the button.

Step 2: Secure the Phone

Now is the time to decide where you will want to position the elastic band so it will not interfere with the screen or buttons. I used a chopstick to push the elastic band through the foam and tied it in the back. For neatness you can trim the ends of the band.

Step 3: The Button and Power

When I first started building this I tried using a piece of the chopstick for the button but it was difficult to align to the phones power button. I ended up doing more salvage from the pen cup and found a dried up highlighter. After you cut the pen fill it with the scrap foam mixed with white glue. This gives you better surface area for the power button.

Push the button into the area where the power switch on your phone is located. This will allow you to power up or bring out of lock.

I used the remaining highlighter to make the hole for the power connector on the end.

Step 4: That Is All

Now you can use the phone for a clock and an home automation interface.Hope this will give someone an idea to use the packing foam for something else. thank you.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice, this is a really clever idea, and way to recycle!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks you, sorry for the glacier delay. Work took over for a while. Thanks again.