Introduction: Recycled Computer Monitor to Waste Basket (super Easy)

Ok so its been a while since I've made an Instructable and I decided to one that was super easy and quick. 

I recently got a new computer(MacBookPro(LOVE IT!!!)) and my old one was basically useless so i sold the tower but no one wanted the monitor. It was in bad shape, low quality, and was the size of a small car. I was also sick of not having a waste basket in my room so i decided to not spend money on one and just make one with my monitor. Its so easy you probably can make one just by looking at the first picture.

Step 1: Supplies (Don't Worry, Theres Not Very Many of Them)

Ok so what you first want to do is get your supplies.

A screwdriver(phillips or flathead)
An old computer monitor that you cant use anymore.
A knife
Wire cutters(or even scissors)
And a 1-3inch screw (depending on thickness of the plastic)

Thats it!!!

Step 2: Let the Fun Begin!

Remove the square plastic piece holding the screen and everything inside the monitor in there by unscrewing the two screws that should be located at the bottom of the monitor.

Begin to unscrew pieces and cut wires until you can remove everything from the inside of the monitor.

NOTE: Be careful. Some monitors can still hold power even while not being plugged in. They also have glass and small pieces of metal that could hurt you. You could wear gloves if you felt safer that way. 

Step 3: Your Almost There.

After your remove the guts(and do what you please with them) put the plastic piece holding the screen on that you removed in the last step and put it bake onto the monitor piece.

Now take the stand off of the bottom of the monitor. Then remove the very bottom of the stand that is sits on the desk and remove it from the slider/adjustment piece. 

Then drill a hole through the very middle part of the stand(most should have a circle in the middle already) big enough that you screw can just barely make it through. 

Step 4: Finishing Up

After you drill though screw the stand into the hole you drilled into the back of the monitor tightly. Put some duct tape on the inside and outside of large holes that trash could fall through.