Introduction: Recycled Cruising Skateboard

In this instructable, I'll be teaching you how to make a cruiser-styled skateboard out of your old, beat up skateboard -- or a brand new one, if that floats your boat. To start off, you'll need a skateboard, a hand saw, a pencil, and some sandpaper.

Step 1: Preparing the Board

First thing's first, picking the shape of your board. The easiest style to cut would be the one shown in the picture: surfboard shaped.  But if you feel like it, you can cut your board into any shape you like. Just take your pencil (or a sharpie) and draw out the design for the cut-out on the bottom or top of the board. Make sure that the sides are as congruent as possible, so that the finished project doesn't look all wonky.

Step 2: Cutting the Board

Take your hand-saw (or band-saw, if you have one), get all of your eye and ear protection on, and slowly and carefully cut out your design. When cutting, just remember to breath and go slow, so that you are able to cut straight easily. This is a crucial step, so treat it as such, or your finished board might not look quite right.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now that your board is cut out perfectly, take your sandpaper and round down the edges of the board until they are smooth and non-angular. This will not only give a nice, professional look to the board, but will also make it much easier on your hands whilst carrying it. Now that it's done, get outside and cruise!

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