Introduction: Recycled Cup and Ball Game

Make a simple game from the materials from your recycling bin!

This instructable will give you the steps to make a cup and ball game from both a solo cup and a Styrofoam cup.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


1 - plastic cup

1 - styrofoam cup

2 - 34 inch lengths of kitchen twine

2 - empty juice containers


Scissors, awl or small screwdriver, glue gun, cardboard

Step 2: The Hole

Use the awl or small screwdriver punch a hole in the center of the bottom of the cup.

Step 3: Attaching the String.

Feed the string through the cup from the bottom. Tie a series of knots in the string to form a large knot that will not pull through the hole.

For added support with the styrofoam cup, cut a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the inside of the cup, and feed the string through the cup then through the cardboard before tying the knot. Place some glue under the cardboard and pull it to the base of the cup.

Step 4: Attaching the Ball

Unscrew the cap of the juice ball and lay the string across the top then screw the cap on over the string.

Step 5: Proceed to Play.

The object of the game is to hold the cup and try to swing the lemon juice ball up and into the cup.

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