Introduction: Recycled Gatorade LED Flashlight

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This is an LED flashlight I made for the LED contest. It uses either 6 or 10 LED's and has a metallic semi-dome to direct the light forwards and conserve as much light as possible. It is fairly compact and lasts a long time on a single 9v battery. Please vote for my instructable when the contest begins!! Comment, rate, and subscribe :) Check out my homemade snow machine!

Step 1: Parts List

This project requres only a few parts, most of which can be found around your home

-A 20oz gatorade bottle (other bottles work but you will need to edit my design)
-6 or 10 LEDs with a working voltage around 3.5-4.5v
-a push button or switch
-electrical tape
-metal tape
-hot glue
-9v battery holder
-9v battery

-hot glue gun
-wire cutters
-a thumbtac or other pointy object
-a soldering iron
-a razor knife

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle

Cut the bottle where it is marked and read the notes. BE VERY CAREFUL!!! I was not and i had to get 6 stiches :/

Step 3: Making the Light Hood

For this step you need pieces of metala tape and the top part of the gatorade bottle. Read the notes!

Step 4: Mounting the LED's

This is the most important part of the flashlight. If you mess up it will not light up....BUM BUM BUMMMMM!!! Just look at the pictures very closely and PM me if you are not sure of something. You need you glue gun, soldering iron, 6 or 10 LED's, and the top part of the gatorade bottle again.

Step 5: Getting the Electronic Circuit Together.

Make sure you have a push button or toggle switch, 9v battery, and 9v battery holder handy.

Step 6: Finishing the Lower Half

Here you are going to finish up the handle part of the flashlight.

Step 7: Final Assembly

This is the moment you've been waiting for!! If you can not view the movie be sure to comment about it! Do not forget to vote! I'll appreciate it.

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