Introduction: Recycled Glass Birdbath

I have been recycling "throw-aways" long before it was popular to do so.

This form of art has turned into a profitable hobby since specializing in glass ware.

I find so many glass items show up at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and even garbage bins.

I collect thick glass pieces with smooth bottoms and tops so that they will stack firmly.

These may include vases, bowls, plates, coasters, trays, all in various sizes.

It is nice to have a large collection to play with keeping in mind a bird bath will be approximately 24" to 30" tall.

Step 1:

Recycled Glass Birdbath

Tools required for this project are minimal.

You will need permanent bond waterproof glue, craft sticks and a level.

Play with your glass collection to see which pieces stack together and look attractive.

Do not attempt to glue anything together at this point.

Choose a large, sturdy base which could be a bowl turned upside down, a microwave plate or anything similar.

Carefully build upward on the base by stacking your selection of glass.

This should stand on its own without glue so that you can make changes if necessary.

Dismantle the structure and lay out each piece in sequence.

Begin by gluing the first piece of glass to the base using the level while the glue is wet to ensure it is standing straight.

Allow a day for the glue to set. Test the strength by trying to remove it before adding the next section

Continue in this manner using the level at every step.

When the birdbath is complete it will be heavy and it is recommended to always lift it from the bottom.

Step 2:

Recycled Glass Birdbath

The birdbath shown in this project used the following piece from the base up.

1 - large bowl turned upside down.

2 - tall spiral vase.

3 - flat coaster.

4 - short vase with glass insert.

5 - flat coaster.

6 - large shallow bowl.

Step 3:

Recycled Glass Birdbath

The photos above were all made using this method of recycling glass.

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