Introduction: Recycled Glass Bottle Decor

Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share, how to recycle glass bottles and delivery boxes into an awesome decor.

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  • A glass bottle
  • Corrugated cardboard from delivery boxes
  • Table mat
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Jute string
  • Granular stones ( 1 to 2 mm )
  • Green color paper
  • PVA Glue / Fevicol
  • Paper cutter

Please note: I used a dremel with 50 mm diamond disc to cut the button of the glass

Step 2: Base

  • The glass bottle has irregular inner surface, measure inner free space
  • Mine was a rectangular shaped bottle, so decided to make rectangular base
  • This base is of length and breath that will fit inside the glass bottle without any struggle
  • I made it, with 22mm height
  • Added a base, much larger than the bottle base
  • This base will be trimmed in the finishing steps

Step 3: House

  • Draw a simple house and it's roof on a cardboard
  • Using Paper cutter, cut them
  • Glue the walls together
  • To give texture, I added a layer of table mat on each wall separately
  • Glue wooden skewers at the joints and the roof lining
  • The roof is made of corrugated cardboard, with one of it's layer peeled to give a good textured look
  • Glue the roof and paint it
  • Leave everything to dry

Step 4: Tree

  • I have used an actual tree branch to make the tree
  • One needs to trim the branch that fits inside the bottle, with the house and the base
  • Paint the branch with brown acrylic paint
  • Cut leaves from green paper
  • Gently stick each leaf on the branch to make a small tree

Step 5: Prepare

  • Paint the base with brown acrylic paint
  • Glue the tree and House in place
  • Add a small swing on the tree
  • Glue some small granular stone as shown
  • Wait for glue to dry
  • if you want to add any more details, now is the time

Step 6: Finishing

  • Place the bottle on the base and trim any excess cardboard
  • Glue the bottle and the base
  • Cover the neck and the base with jute string as shown
  • And we are done!!!

Now we have a beautiful piece of art

I hope you enjoyed reading this, Please share your comments and suggestions