Recycled Goody Bags




Introduction: Recycled Goody Bags

These goody bags are made entirely from recyclable materials and can take as little as 5 minutes to create.

Materials that are needed include:
- Toilet Paper Rolls
- Construction Paper
- Scissors
- Glue or tape

Step 1: Toilet Paper Roll Collection

Bust out that old bag of toilet paper rolls that you have in your recycling bin. One for each guest should be sufficient, but always remember to make a few extras just in case!

Fold the ends of the paper rolls inward like the pictures below show.

Step 2: Decorate!

Use paint, construction paper, or any other materials that you can think of to decorate your boxes. Keep in mind that if you choose your decorating materials wisely then you can recycle the boxes when you are all done using them.

1. Cut out one black oval for the body of the spider.
2. Cut out two small white circles for the eyes, and 2 even smaller black circles to put on top of the eyes.
3. Cut out eight thin strips of black paper to fold back and forth to create the spider's legs.
4. Glue the legs on the toilet paper roll first. Next glue the body on top of the legs. Then glue the white part of the eyes down and then the black parts of the eyes on top.

1. Cut out the bat wings first and glue them on the toilet paper roll.
2. Cut out a black oval (the bat's head) to glue on top of the wings.
3. Cut out two white triangles to glue near the bottom of the black oval.
4. Cut out eyes just like in the Spider's directions and glue last.

1. Cut out a pumpkin shape with orange construction paper.
2. Two small black triangles can be cut out for the pumpkin's eyes and glued on the top half of the orange shape.
3. Cut out one black half circle for the pumpkin's mouth to glue below the eyes and one small triangle can be cut out and turned upside down and glued on top of the orange shape for the pumpkin's stem.

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