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Introduction: Recycled Jeans Step Ladder Caddy

I'm always doing projects, hanging ceiling fans, painting walls. Most of the time I'm using either a 7 foot or 10 foot ladder with a pail shelf to hold hammers, nails, screwdrivers, that sort of thing. I could wear a tool belt, but I find them awkward and bulky. For small projects around the house, I use a 3 step ladder. It's easier to more around but there's no place to put tools. My solution was to make a step ladder caddy.

All you need is an old pair of jeans, a sewing machine, scissors, thread, pins, that's about it. Be sure the jeans are wide enough to fit around the top of the step ladder, not a problem for me. The caddy is designed to fit around a ladder that folds out about 2 feet down from the top rail. You could adjust the caddy to fit a ladder that expands at the top, but you'd need to cut the sides of the caddy and insert elastic or ties to adjust for the larger circumference.

I don't own a heavy duty sewing machine, so I tried to avoid sewing through french seams as much as possible. The caddy isn't pretty, but it's functional. Not only do you have the original 5 pockets that come with jeans, but you have the 4 new pockets created by folding up the pant leg fabric and stitching down. You can also use the belt loops to secure hammers and other tools. Add a handle made from the fabric of a pant leg hem and you can store and carry all your tools.

Step 1: Cut Your Pant Legs

1. Measure about 8 inches down from the crotch and cut straight across.

2. Cut inside leg seams on both sides of french seams.

3. Cut excess fabric from the back side.

Step 2: Fold Up Pockets

1. Fold up leg fabric on the front and back to get an idea of where the pockets will go.

2. Double fold the top edges about 1/2 inch and machine stitch down.

Step 3: Stitch Front Pockets

1. On the front side, fold under the raw edges of the pocket sides approximately 1/2".

2. At the bottom, fold over approximately 1/2" down from the center french seam.

3. Stitch down pockets close to the folded edges. On the zipper side, angle the fold to avoid sewing too close to the zipper.

Step 4: Stitch Back Pockets

1. On the back side, double fold the fabric at the bottom of the crotch and stitch down, approximately 1/2" by 1" in length.

2. Fold under the raw edges of the pocket sides approximately 1/2". At the bottom of the crotch, tuck the corner fold in.

3. Closely stitch down the corner folds and the pockets on either side of the back french seam.

4. You now have 2 pockets. To divide into 4, align the side french seams and stitch down, avoid stitching directly on the french seams.

Step 5: Add a Handle

1. Cut one of the pant legs off about 1" above the hem.

2. Double fold and machine stitch approximately 1/2".

3. Cut out one of the french seams to make it easier to sew through.

4. Button the pants and pin the handle inside the waistband with the handle sticking up, space the handle placement to avoid the belt loops.

5. Stitch the waistband shut with the handle up. Stitch on the outside just below the waist stitch line. You can stitch over the belt loop or stitch to the loops end, then start again on the other side of the loops. Stop when you get to the fasten button and then start again on the other side of the fastened button.

Step 6: That's It!

Easy Peasy! This is a very simple project. Don't worry if your seams aren't exact or your cuts aren't accurate. It doesn't matter.

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    Nice reuse and great inspiration, thanks!


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    Great idea, I like it! : )


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    Thanks, it really comes in handy.