Introduction: Recycled LED Tube Light

it's easy to make at home

Step 1: How to Make a Led Tube Light

Now you are going to see how to make a led tube light by recycling the electronic waste material at home and it is energy efficient to.

so i will show you how to make it step by step.

Step 2: Material Required

  • fluorescent tube bulb
  • tester
  • screw driver
  • cuttingplyer
  • wire cutter
  • soldering kit
  • old mobile cahger
  • wires
  • tape ang glue
  • LED's

Step 3: Removing of the Cap

remove the capes of the tube light on both sides carefully.

Step 4: Making Hole

make hole carefully by using tester and screwdriver and be care that the mouth of the tube may break.

make the hole till the led's pass through the hole and clean it well by removing the insided matereal of the tube light.

Step 5: Plaseing and Fieaxinging the Led's

put the led's into the tube light through the holes and fix it by using glue an let it dry.

Step 6: Fixing the Capes and Testing

now solder the led's wires to the capes and tape it well to the tube on both sides.

now take the battery an please the battery at the fines of the cap to now the +ve side and -ve side of the led's and to see that led's are working.

Step 7: Wering

take the two wires of different colors and a few inches long then the tube and wind the one wire to +ve side and -ve side to other wire and it well to fix it.

Step 8: Power Suppely

to get the power remove the motherboard from the charger and solder the wires +ve to the +ve side and -ve to the -ve side on it and plase a small papper base at the base of it abd glue to it

Step 9: Fixing the Power Suppely

tape the power supply to the tube well and the led tube light is finished place the tube light any ware in the house.

Step 10: When Power Is Supplied Led's Glow and to Get More Bright Place a Other Layer of Led's in It