Introduction: Recycled Lantern Geocache

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You can make geocaches out of just about anything. Here I will be making a simple geocache out of an old rechargeable lantern that no longer works and is not worth repairing.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


  • lantern
  • painters tape
  • stencil
  • spray paint
  • geocache log
  • zip lock bag


  • diagonal snips
  • needle nose plyers
  • cross tip
  • screw driver

Step 2: Battery Removal

Remove the base of the lantern to access the rechargeable battery. With the snips cut the wires to free the battery. Replace the base of the lantern.

Remember to properly dispose of the battery.

Step 3: Mark Your Geocache

It is important to mark all geocaching game pieces so that non-players (muggles) will know that they are pieces in a game.

Attach the stencil to the geocache with painters tape. Spray with a contrasting paint. When the paint is dry remove the tape and stencil.

Step 4: Finishing Up

All physical geocaches need a log for the finder to sign. Free geocaching log templates are available online to download. Always place the log paper in a zip lock or other container to protect it from the elements like rain.

I placed this log in a compartment that held the battery charger.

Your geocache is now complete and ready to hide.

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