Introduction: Recycled Material Musical Tree Lamp With Color Changing LEDs

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By Tara Bowerman


First I started by gathering natural material found around our shipping department like the cardboard shipping tubes and packing material. By cutting the tubes into 3” pieces I was able to hole punch a nice perimeter around both the top and the bottom of each cardboard tube. I than adhered translucent paper along the top rim of each “can” light to diffuse the light evenly when the cans are lit.

Each can housed different types of LED strip light with warm whites, ambers and purples. I than built up my lamp making it resemble a tree in design and keeping the material natural and raw I was able to place all of the seven cans affixed on top a single can by structuring support with old coat hangers and silver metal wire.

I placed random monarch butterflies throughout the light fixture by cutting them out of cardstock with an exacto blade folding the wings and gluing them sporadically on the shades and base. Also along the base is added packing material made from recycled paper that created a nice texture along the base that also hides the wiring.

Each can was then grouped into five channels on the Apollo Jammer allowing each RGB channel to pick up on the sounds with the greatest sensitivity in order for all of the channels to play throughout the entire song!

The final result is a fun Butterfly lamp made from recycled cardboard material, and other raw natural materials that can jam alongside you and your favorite song ☺