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Introduction: Recycled Multi-Spool Rack

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Since getting one of my 3D printers set up in my classroom, managing the filament spools has been a pain. I finally got around to making a no cost multi-filament holder by using leftover PVC pipe and hardware from other projects.

Step 1: BoM

1/2" or larger PVC pipe (attachments/fittings/couplings as needed depending on how long you want your rack)

Coat hanger hooks


Drill, screwdriver, measuring tools

Step 2: Original Set-Up

Filament is generally housed in larger storage totes, but when actually in use, it's been a pain to make sure the filament is flowing as smooth as it should and not get twisted---which is what was happening.

Step 3: Wall Hardware

Because the only place the printer can safely stay in my classroom is by the windows, I decided that putting up a rack of some sort would be the most ideal option. On each side of the center window I measured and drilled holes into the frame where I wanted to put the rack. I used old coat rack hanger pieces from a wall rack that used to be on the back of my classroom door.

Step 4: PVC

I had a whole bunch of leftover pieces of 1/2" PVC pipes and fittings to go with them, so I attached pieces together to make a long enough bar--about 40" in length.

Step 5: Add Filament

Once your hardware is up and the bar is put together, start loading your filament. I only keep 1-3 rolls on the rack at a time, so far it's working great.

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    Question 2 years ago

    Doesent most filiments have to be in a dry spot so they done absorb moisture?


    Answer 2 years ago

    This is for while filament is in use. I just added more rolls so it didn't look sad :)