Introduction: Recycled Organizer From 1/2 Cardboard Box

So you know the feeling? You hold that cardboard box and your hand just won't throw it into the garbage bin... Well, make something pretty out of it! Recycle! 

Follow this quick & easy tutorial - in 2 simple steps, you can make 2 pretty boxes out of a nice-shaped sturdy box!

Let's get crafteeeeyyyy!  =)

Step 1: 0. We Need..

Ok, boring step, so keep it short:

+ Measuring tape / ruler
+ Box cutter / craft knife
+ Scissors
+ Glue

Ready? Let's start!

Step 2: 1. Cut It!

First we cut the box into two.
For this instructable, the box needs to be intact.

It's best if you open the box carefully WITHOUT using the 'open here' rip-line on top (simply open it from the bottom). Glue the opening back shut.

For the 'special curved cut', you can use freehand if you want. (JUMP TO STEP 2)

If you want to make it symmetrical & really have 2 boxes that look alike, here's how I do it:

Measure the length & width and mark the middle of the box & midpoints on either side.
My box was 14 x 21 cm
midpoints: 7 cm & 10.5 cm.

On the front, measure 3 cm down the midpoint on the LEFT, and 3 cm up the midpoint on the RIGHT side.
Mark these points.

On the back, mark 3 cm down the midpoint on the RIGHT, and 3 cm up the midpoint on the LEFT side.

Now it's only a little 'join-the-dots' game =)
Draw a neatly curved line from the marking through the midpoint to the other marking.
I do this part freehand (to practice my drawing skills and it's pretty easy, too).
You could certainly use a curved object (cup, plate, bowl..) here.

Then cut along those lines with a box-cutter / craft knife. Careful here, these things are SHARP!!
I suggest 2-pass cutting:
+ score the line first
+ follow the lines to cut - the cutter will follow the lines almost by itself =)

Credit where credit's due, I was indeed inspired by the shape of some I.K.E.A magazine holders ;)
It has a nice elegant look, much nicer than those 45C-angled office-flaired magazine holders PLUS it gives you 2 boxes out of 1! =)

So, onto the NEXT STEP.

Step 3: 2. Cover It!

Next we cover the box.
Now you can choose a decorative paper to your liking.

Let pics speak for themselves - they explain it better than me ;)
I made a small movie, too! It shows you how to glue the bottom flaps.

Basically, cut your paper and glue it onto the surface step-by-step.
I usually place the 'seam' to the back side (the lower side) so it won't show in the front.

Here's the order how I do it:

1. Back/spine (the higher side)
2. Sides
3. Back
4. Bottom
5. Rim (cut & fold in to glue)

Step 4: DONE! =)

My box holds postcards & letters that I have trouble parting with.
And it feels very comfy next to its brothers & sisters =)

How about yours?

If you're like me and have a gift wrap you like a lot, go make your own, customized set!
Organizer boxes, magazine holders, pencil holders.. (see pics attached) sky's the limit ;)

I think I'll use the other 1/2 of the box to hold empty postcards & envelopes.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable & found it useful.

Comments, anyone?