Introduction: Recycled Paper Bag Beach Ball

Step 1:

Ever want to play a game with your friends, but never seem to have a ball? Well now you can make your own in 20 min. max!

Step 2:

You are going to need
1. Plastic bag
2. Tape (you can use anything but I prefer duct tape)
3. Scissors
4. A mouth

Step 3:

Take a plastic bag, and cut the handles off.

Step 4:

Now tape the bottom corners to the bag. (It sticks better with duct tape.)

Step 5:

Fold the corners by the openings in and tape down.

Step 6:

Tape opening but leave a small space. Make sure there are no places for air to leak out

Step 7:

Now blow into it and quickly tape the hole shut. Then round it and tape it so it looks like a ball

Step 8:

And you have a beach ball! Or, you could fill it with water instead of air and it becomes a massive water balloon! Please comment this is my first instructables.

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