Recycled Plastic Cup Dry Erase




Introduction: Recycled Plastic Cup Dry Erase

Turn a clear used (but please wash it) plastic cup for a mini dry erase board! This is my first ever me mercy.

Step 1: The Cup

I used a Stop and Shop cheap little plastic cup. It works pretty well...I put soda in it so like a normal person who would use this for a project, I cleaned it.

Step 2: The Next Step With the Cup

OK after we have the cup nice and clean, we're going to have to cut it... First cut the bottom off of the cup. Then cut off the top ring of the cup. Now cut it like in the the middle but don't go all the way around. It's pretty easy...unless you're a moron...

Adult Supervision is advised...if you're a complete idiot.

Step 3: Attaching the Cup to the Paper

First roll the cut up cup the opposite way that its rolling. Then tape the paper cup to the paper. When the cup is taped on the paper,cut the paper so that there is only a product like the picture.

Thanks for checking this instructable out. and sorry for the bad pics...

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    neat, simple... it does the job. Liked this
    I can imagine using this in an emergency to ask a question of a family member and pinning it to their bedroom door... RIGHT BY THE HANDLE WHERE THEY CAN'T MISS IT! perhaps even still in cup shape, with the paper scrolled inside to fit and pasted in ... and a whiteboard pen INSIDE the cup... so they can rub out my question and replace it with their answer! Like : 'where did you put those theatre tickets? Please leave them inside the cup with the time you'll meet me there written on the cup?' So thanks for the inspiration!