Introduction: Recycled Pencil Cup!

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Hello everyone! I haven't done an Instructable in a while and I apologize. It's tricky coming up with stuff that hasn't already been done before. But let's get started. I'm going to show you how to make a pencil cup from a soup can today. Enjoy! :) 

Step 1: Materials

First you should gather all of these things together:

-A Steel Can ( I like the Progresso soup ones for this the best)
-Tissue Paper
-Brown paper lunch bags (or unwanted wrapping paper)
-Mod Podge
-White Paint
-Food coloring
-Spray Sealer
-Beaded trim (Optional, but if you like bling, go ahead and use it. Haha)
-Something to mix the paint in
-Fabric Paint

Step 2: Prepare Your Can

Take your pliers and bend down the can's sharp inner rim. Cans with pull tab tops have this but the cans that you open with a can opener just have a little sharp piece that can be bent down with pliers. After you get the rim bent down, cover it with a layer of tissue paper. I used tissue paper left over from other projects for this tutorial, but you can use unwanted wrapping paper if your recycling center doesn't take it. I like to use Progresso soup cans or Dole pineapple cans for these pen holders because they're sturdy. If you can't find those, though, any sturdy steel can with a pull top will do. 

Step 3: Cover Your Can

Cut up your lunch sack pieces and slap them on your can. I like to start from the bottom and go from there. 

Step 4: Let's Paint!

Grab the tissue paper that's going to be on the outer layer of your can and cut it into pieces. Set them aside and mix up your paint. For this tutorial I used teal but you can do whatever color you'd like. Mix the appropriate amount of food coloring into your paint. For teal, that happens to be 10-15 drops of green, and 10 of blue. Paint over the brown paper.

Step 5: You're Done!

Take the tissue paper and do two layers on your pen holder. This is easier if you start from the inside and go from there. When the inside is covered, let it dry and then do the outside. After it is totally dry, paint it with a layer of Mod Podge. Let this dry. Here's the one I made for the tutorial after I did the second coat of Mod Podge, added glitter, and sealed it.