Introduction: Recycled Pill Bottle Screw Catcher. X-top-cap

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This simple concept has made a world of difference at my work, I have about 4 of these, Two bottles of the two most common hard drive screws, one bottle of case screws, and one for motherboard screws.

Concept is a little more than just bottling screws in old pill bottles. (but its still a very simple idea, which lets you keep access to a few screws, before you knock it over or have screws to put away you can push them through the cap saving yourself lots of pickup.

This idea would work for a bunch of small parts, beads, nuts, some of the more hardy findings.

Step 1: Bottles My Pharmacy Uses.

the bottles my pharmacy uses are designed to have a flip over non childproof option, if yours dont have this, this instructable may still work but you will lack the cupped (funnel like) top the ones pictured have when you mount the cap in the non childproof way.

You will also need a sharp knife, and ideally a magnetized screwdriver (optional)

Step 2: Cut It.

Using a sharp knife cut an X in the top of the cap, cut it down through the non childproof threads, but stop before you cut it in half/quarters (i stopped when it gets expanded in size for the childproof threads.

Step 3: Finish It Up,

Install the cap in the non-childproof direction on your bottle, and inserth your screwdriver a few times to bend the center of the X open a little. this will help you push screws from the cup of the cap into the bottle a little easier, I have also found a single screw on the tip of the screwdriver can be poked through the X to deposit a screw.

When you have a job needing 4-6 screws open the bottle pour them into the cap and replace the cap, use the screws you need and when done poke the loose ones back through the X

As i said its a simple idea, but its saved me from so many knocked over screw bottle/jar/mug/drawer accidents.

*caution, don't poke your finger into the X in the cap, it would work like a vicious finger trap! (just ask my co-worker)

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