Recycled Planter From Chips Wrapper

Introduction: Recycled Planter From Chips Wrapper

Chips are definitely unhealthy but once in a while I use it as comfort food to relieve my stress. Plastics is becoming an environmental issue nowadays, Recycle, Re-Purpose can definitely help. This is a very simple way of Re-purposing Chips wrapper. Beautiful, Sturdy Cute and Colorful...and most specially easy to make.

Step 1: All You Need

You only Need Empty Chips Wrapper, Used News Paper and a Scissor.

Step 2: Getting Ready

Clean the Chip Remains by Crimp Used News Paper which is effective in removing oils.

Step 3: Creating an Opening

Carefully Fold the Opening Outward Exposing the nice silver area as Hemline of the Planter, You can also cut Shapes if desired to make it beautiful. This will make the opening sturdy.

Step 4: Creating the Bottom Part

Cut tips of Both ends of the Bottom part as drain hole. Miter Both ends of the bottom part inward creating an even line outside of both ends... this will provide the bottom shape of the planter.

Step 5: Making Bottom Part Even..

Check if the mitered bottom part is evenly square shape inward and out, this will provide stability making the planter stand.

Step 6: Checking...

Check if the planter will be able to stand upright, and adjust silver Hemline of the opening depending on the Plant size and amount of soil needed.

Step 7: Enjoy

Fill with Soil and Desired Plant...Enjoy Planting..Thanks

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