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Introduction: Recycled Skateboard Clock V2.0

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Hello everyone!

In this instructables I'll show you how you can make a beautiful wooden clock out of old recycled skateboards. In 2018 I already made my first clock out of old recycled skateboards, but this time I'm making a frame around it and I've put plexiglass in front of it! So this is the "Recycled Skateboard Clock v2.0" by Creatiedroom.

It's so cool and sweet to work with old skateboards, they give your workpiece a beautiful touch of color!

Sooo, let's get started!

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Tools I used

- Tablesaw

- Jointer/planer

- Miter saw

- Bandsaw

- Sanders

Materials I used

- Wood glue
- Broken skateboards

- Reclaimed wood

- Clamps

Step 1: Prepare the Strips

Before you can start recycling old skateboards, you need to peel off the griptape. It's easier to remove the griptape when you heat it up with a hairdryer or a heatgun.

Picture 1: Cut 15mm wide strips on the bandsaw.

Picture 2: It's very important to sand of the varnish and the graphics of all the strips, otherwise the glue won't stick.

Step 2: Making the Panel

Picture 1&2: Glue all the strips together with woodglue. I'm using 4 metal bars around it so I can keep it flat, otherwise it may warp in the clamps.

Picture 3: I am now temporarily attaching the panel to a piece of plywood with double-sided tape. This way I can easily push it through the planer. I'm planing it down untill it's 8mm thick. This way I can also remove all the bandsawmarks. Skateboards are made out of maple, and the panel is very wide for my planer, so it was important that I was taking small passes with the planer!

Picture 4: Now it's time to sand the panel smooth, I'm sanding up to 240 grit.

Picture 5 & 6: Cut the skateboardpanel and a piece of plexiglass into the size you want your clock to be.

Step 3: The Framework

Now I will be making the frame.

Picture 1: Here I'm cutting my lumber into the correct size for my clock.

Picture 2: I'm cutting two groves in each board, one for the skateboard panel and one for the plexiglass.

Picture 3: Chamfer the edges of all the boards on the two outside sides with the router.

Picture 4: Cut the 45° miters on the mitersaw.

Step 4: Preparing the Panel to Become a Clock!

Picture 1&2: Find the middle of your panel by drawing two diagonal lines and drill a hole. This way you can insert the clock mechanism.

Picture 3&4: Mark the position of the clock mechanism, this way you know where you need to remove material with the dremel or with the router so that the clock mechanism will fit.

Picture 5: I'm using clear stamps and some alcoholbased ink to stamp the numbers onto the clockpanel. Make sure to put spray laquer onto the skateboard panel and the inside of the framework before you glue it all together.

Step 5: Finishing the Clock!

Picture 1: It's time to assemble the clock, so insert the clock mechanism through the hole.

Picture 2: Glue the frame around the skateboard panel and the plexiglass.

Picture 3: Protect the plexiglass with a piece of paper and finish the clock with spraylaquer.

Insert some batteries and now your clock is ready to tell you what time it is!

If you want to see the full video:

If you like this instructable and my video, don't forget to give me a vote in the "Clocks" contest!

Thank you for reading to the end

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