Introduction: Recycled Soccer or Volley Ball Net Carrier

Looking for a cheap and easy way to carry your volley ball or soccer ball?  Tired of riding your bike with one hand when transporting balls? If you answered yes, then read on about how you can make your very own ball net for transporting those super round items!

Step 1.  Gather the materials
A. One bag of oranges
B. Scissors
C. 36 inch length of string

Step 1: Prepare the Net

Step 2.

Carefully cut the top of the bag of oranges and empty out the contents.  Then cut the label off of the bottom of the bag and discard.

Step 2: Finish the Net

Step 3.

Stuff your ball inside the net.  Once it is in, take a 36 inch length of string and tie it to the top of the net.  Weave it in and out of the top of the net every few inches.  Once you have threaded the string completely around the net, pass it over the top of the ball and thread it under the string on the opposite side of the ball.  That's it, now carry the ball by the string or tie it onto your bike, stroller, backpack, or car.

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