Recycled Soda Pop-tab (and Clay) Ring




Introduction: Recycled Soda Pop-tab (and Clay) Ring

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Two finished rings.  Cool and saves the earth... not really but they are awesome!

Step 1: The Supplies

You need a glass baking dish, chap stick, oven bake clay, and pliers.

Step 2: Bending the Pop Tabs

Now its time for the fun part ;)
All you really have to do is bend the pop tabs to fit the curve of your finger.  Just make sure when your bending it that you do not use too much force unless it will break.  It is pretty much self-explanatory, but for those of you who are visual learners watch the video :) (soon to come)

Step 3: Clay

Now for the clay part of the ring.
This makes it so that the pop tabs do not scratch your finger and so that they stay together.

Step 4: Finally Done!

Yay! Now go show your friends how to make one.  Thanks for looking at my instructable!

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