Introduction: Recycled Solar Power

This is about a Solar Power Plant made from recycled parts. It is a work in progress. It all started at the landfill where someone next to me was throwing away 11 solar garden lights. I had 9 at home from garage sales. I had an old picture frame and some plywood and paint. I had to buy 4 diodes from radio shack. I started by taking all the lights apart and using the solar cells. I saved the circuit boards and LED's for future projects. The plastic globe made nice little hot caps for the garden.

Step 1:

Step 2:

I painted the board with some old house paint. I soldered 5 in a row pos. to neg. I think that 4 would have been OK I will know when I get done. Each set is putting out 22 volt in good sun.

Step 3:

I mounted the cells with a little hot glue then soldered a diode to the pos. on each set and into a splice on a single cord. Next I spliced all the neg. ends to a single exit wire. I dabbed a little hot glue over the solder joints to keep everything in place. I hot glued the picture frame over everything leaving the bottom un glued for a little ventalation.

Step 4:

The first test. Over 22 volts on a winter day. Tried it vertical and horizontal. I have no idea of how many watts.

Step 5:

I cut some scrap plywood and nailed and glued it to the sides. I cut them at 60 degrees for Washington state.

Step 6:

I used the globes for hot caps out in the garden.

Step 7:

Next I cut some holes in an old sewing box. Added a 12 volt receptical Made an opening for the inverter and an exit hole for the solar panel wire. Soldered both pos. to each other same with negs. a fuse will attach to the hot wire when I find one. Just for testing I wired it up with no regulator or fuse. I salvaged the 2 12 volt batteries out of a broken electric razor kids scooter. I used a 2 pronged plug to exit the box and plug into the solar panel wire. The voltage in the batteries went from 9.5 volts to over 11 volts with very little sun. I ordered a voltage controller off E-Bay $22. It will be here in a few days.

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