Recycled Sony Bravia to a Flatscreen Lamp




Introduction: Recycled Sony Bravia to a Flatscreen Lamp

This instructable shows how to make a Flat illuminator from an old, abandoned Sony Bravia flat screen TV set.

Step 1: Remove Everything Else Than Just the Flat Screen!

Open the old Flat Screen TV set which you want to convert to a lamp. Remove all electronics and return them to recycle yard. Open the flat screen package, so you can see the old cathode tubes which have been illuminating the backlight of the LCD. Take 2 rolls of LED-strip with required color, bright or whatever you like and cut them to required lengths. DO NOT USE SILICONE LED STRIPS! Peel off the sticker protector from behind and push firmly to the white plastic, which has been used as light reflector. Make 12VDC connections, so that all strips get positive and negative feed and make a "smoke test" - if all LEDs are lit, then proceed to next step.

Step 2: Scap 2 Other, Smaller LCD Flat Monitors and Take the Polycarbonate Sheets

Now you will need to secure that the LED-strips stay with their sticky back in the plastic. They WILL DROP away, if you do not install polycarbonate sheet above them. Drill small holes trough the polycarbonate sheets and the metal base. Secure the sheet mounting with metal rivets.

Step 3: Test Again That All LEDs Are Lit Ok

Connect 12VDC to the strips before mounting the polycarbonate sheets above the LED strips. If still ok, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Return the Removed White "milky" Plastic Sheet

Install the milky-plastic sheet back to the flat screen, with the thin light-direction sheets.

Step 5: Mount the Metal Edges Back to the Screen.

Screw the metal edge part back to the flat screen.

Step 6: Final Step: Return the Original Plastic Front Part

Now you should have a flat-panel lamp, which can be used for instance in the hall ceilings or where ever you like... this consumes 12VDC and 2 Amps.

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    4 years ago

    After two Androud Bravia replacement tv's this may be the best and ONLY US FOR THEM. Thx for this build. ?


    4 years ago

    Excellent reuse! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!


    4 years ago

    Remove the cathode tubes to recycle too!