Introduction: Recycled Wall Hooks

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A few months ago, I posted my first Instructable showing how I made a hanger for my necklaces.
This is a quick how-to for what I did with the leftover parts.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Three double wall hooks
2. Spray paint
3. Drill
4. Screwdriver
5. Two wooden plaques

Step 2: Step One - Painting

I used a couple of wooden plaques I had lying around in my craft room. One of them was bare wood, but the other was one I had already painted green for some project or other that I never got around to finishing.
My older daughter is really into neon colors right now, especially yellow. I tried painting the yellow directly over the green, but it didn't do a great job of covering. I ended up having to spray on a layer of primer, then the yellow.
I'm not sure if the paint was incompatible or what, but after it dried, it ended up crackling. The kiddo liked it, so I didn't bother trying to fix it.

Step 3: Step Two - Painting the Hardware

I removed the white ceramic knobs from the brass hooks and set them aside. I painted the hooks white, but I wanted the screws to match the plaque colors.
In order to paint the screws, I poked them through the paper I was painting on and then sprayed them. First with primer, then with my yellow and blue.

Step 4: Step Three - Assembly

After giving the spray paint a couple of days to dry and cure, I got to assembling the hooks.
The hooks I was using required screws on the back and in from the front. In order to mark out where I needed to drill holes, I marked them on the hook with a pencil, then pressed the hook onto the wood.
I used a 3/8th drill bit to start the holes, and a 5/8th bit to counter sink them. After that, I attached the hooks, and replaced the ceramic knobs. 

Step 5: Finished Product!

Here they are, all assembled and hanging up in the girls' room.
This project was really easy, and a great way to use miscellaneous supplies I had lying around.