"Recycled Wall Pen Holder"



Introduction: "Recycled Wall Pen Holder"

To create the "Recycled Wall Pen Holder" you need...

  • ... a pencil
  • ... scissors
  • ... a glue (preferably a super glue)
  • ... toilet paper rolls
  • ... colored paper
  • ... gift paper
  • ... carton
  • ... splits
  • ... jute cord
  • ... a rubber

Step 1: Create the Base

Cut a rectangle (any size) out of the carton. Cut the same rectangle out oft the colored paper an stick it on the carton.

Step 2: Create the Suspension 1/2

Take the scissors and pierce a hole in the carton. Put the splits in the holes.

Step 3: Create the Suspension 2/2

Put each end of the yarn around each split an make a node.

Step 4: Create the Storage Rolls for the Pens

Measure the size of your toiletpaper rolls, draw the rectangles on the gift paper and cut them out. Glue the gift paper rectangles on the toiletpaper rolls.

Step 5: Put the Individual Parts Together

Stick the wrapped toiletpaper rolls on the base.

Step 6: Decorate

Cut one piece of the jute yarn for each toiletpaper roll. Put the yarn around the rolls an make two nodes.

Step 7: Your "Recycled Wall Pen Holder" Is Finished

Hang your workpiece on the wall and fill it with pens, rulers, rubbers, markers etc.

Your "Recycled Wall Pen Holder" is finished!

Step 8:

Step 9:

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Step 11:

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