Introduction: Recycled Water for Fresh Produce

This is our project to recycle water while producing fresh produce. On this scale we found that witin 1 minute we recycled 500ml water

Step 1: Recources

- Fish pump (important to check the height max when buying the fish pump. We bought a submersible pump, power 9v, Hmax 1,3m
- Tygon tubing
- Tomato plants you can use any plants or seeds
- Mesh wire
- 5Litre Polican
- 2litre plastic bottles
- Cable ties
- T-pieces
- Wood Pine Lam Shelf (1200 x 200mm) only used to secure our project you can use a wall or window

Step 2: Illustration

Step 3: Instructions

- Mesh wire were used to secure 4x 2l plastic bottles, with cable ties, which were cut in half. (at the back we only used wood to carry the project around, this can be mounted against a wall, or in a window also)
- At the bottom a 5l polican was placed, with an opening cut, so the water from the 2l bottles would be able to recycle back into the 5l plastic can.
- A fish pump is placed within the 5l polican, and tygon tubing (used approx. 1m) linked to the fish pump.
- This runs up the mesh to the top of the 2l plastic bottles.
- There are t-pieces placed to distribute the water from the top tubing within the 2l plastic bottles.
- We have also placed a stopper, to manually regulate the water, but removed this because the plug can just be turned on or off.
- The vegetables/ seeds are planted within the 2l bottles, with a pebble placed in first, and then crushed stone, to ensure the potting soil doesn’t escape through the bottles opening.
- The pebble and crushed stone provide sufficient space for the water to drip freely from the top to the bottom.
- The end of the tygon tubing has been blanked of, to ensure enough pressure for the water when pumped.