Introduction: Recycled Wine Bottle Night Lamp

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Recently I collected some old wine bottles from my neighbor's house. I collect some good piece of glass and wanted to transform into something better and beautiful .
I recently saw this lamp hung in a decoration store , as a DIY-er, I thought to make it at the first glance to make it as a DIY , I searched the internet and saw it needs drilling but i wanted to make it so simple that anyone can make without any special tool.
You will need just some Christmas lights and old wine bottle for making the lamps .

Step 1: Find the Perfect Bottle and Lights

Now getting the perfect bottle for this lamp is the challenge .
I had two bottle one Flint and the other was a Green.So the choice was obvious , the green one but,
Dead leaf , Claret and burgundy will work best .
The long the body, better is the bottle try to get 1 L Bottle.
In short use champagne , scotch whisky bottles .
I have used a Black and white scotch whisky bottle .
btw if you don't get the bottle you can buy it from amazon also
Wine bottle (empty) :

Now lights incandescent bulb Christmas light gives you the feel of warmth but led saves you the power consumptions.If you buy LED one make sure the color is warm white.
I had an Incandescent mini bulb strip lying useless so I used it
Incandescent link :

Led One :

Step 2: Take the Label Out

Now Most people just don't Do this . My personal reason is that looks great , with the label removed.
Now this is really the most time-consuming process you will need to keep patience .
Start by moistening off the label . Then scrub softly with the dishwasher scrubber , the label will start to come out slowly , continue scrubbing it until all gets off.Now there is an alternate method , you can dip it in a bucket containing soapy water . keep it there for an hour or more than scrub the label it off .

Step 3: Put the Lights Inside

Now here is the fun part , putting the string of lights inside.Take the end and put inside the bottle through the mouth,keep inserting the whole string slowly .
Some time the string will be stuck near the mouth ,don't worry just jerk the bottle a bit and it will settle down and then you can continue the previous process. watch the video you will understand.

Step 4: Prepare the Cap

The wire needs to get out through the cap .
Cut the cap from any side and make way to the center of the circle .
When you had done this make sure you make a hole in the center pushing a screwdriver and rotating it .

Step 5: Fit the Cap

Taking the wire from the cut in the cap slide it the center. once it is in the center and the put the cap back on the mouth. Since I broke the Plastic cap that attaches the cap I need to fix the cap with some Scotch tape . I guess the best would be if it had some cork but again then again drill would be needed.Also by using epoxy you could make the fix a permanent.

Step 6: Now It Time to Enjoy the Ambiance

Now turn off the light and chance the ambiance with these light , it will really change the room's look if you make it do post the pics I wanna see them .
Here is a picture of lots of them being hung on shop.

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