Introduction: Recycled Wood Box Using 3D Printing Parts

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I've always wanted to recycle wood boxes that contained fruits/vegetables and I'm happy to show you this Instructable.

I used 3D printed parts that you'll find here:

This way, this box is metal free.

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For this instructable you will need:

  • a basket or wooden box, I found mind at my fruit/vegetable store
  • tools:
    • pliers
    • hacksaw
    • PPE : gloves, glasses
    • wood chisels
    • clamps
    • cutter
    • wood
    • sanding paper (fine grain)
    • a piece of flat wood
    • 3D printed parts
    • wood glue

Step 1: Removing the Metallic Clips

Usually, what hold together the wood parts are metallic clips. To remove each one of them I did as follow:

  1. using the pliers, cut the metal clip in the middle
  2. using the wood chisel, lift up the clip a little bit, enough for the pliers to be inserted under it
  3. with leverage effect, use the pliers to remove each part of the clips

The first ones might be difficult, then it will be easy.

Be very cautious to use gloves and safety googles!!!

Step 2: Measuring/Cutting: the Sides of the Box

Now it's time to cut and shape the wood box. Of course, you can adapt the size to your needs. I wanted to use the maximum of the wood I had, so I did as follow:

  • L (big L) side: it will be the size of the old width size
  • l (small L) side: it will be the size of what left of wood from the L (big L) side

Cutting advice: I used a hacksaw (usually use to cut metal) to cut the wood to limit wood damages while cutting.

Step 3: Sanding

Sanding might be needed if the surface is not smooth enough. In my case I had to sand just 4 pieces.

You can also sand edges to remove splinters.

Step 4: 3D Printing

You can find the files for the 3D printing here:

I used the files 155mm which is for :

  • woods up to 5mm of thickness
  • height up to 155mm

Send me a message for specific sizes :) otherwise, you can check that these pieces are quite easy to redesign, so you can adapt them but don't forget to mention me if you repost them :)

You'll need to print 4 corners and 4 bottom supports.

A bottom part will "clip" inside a corner part and hold everything together (two sides and the bottom corners). The glue will also greatly help to hold everything together.

Step 5: Mounting Everything Together: the Sides

After hours of printing and cutting and sawing and sanding we can put the sides of the box together :)

The side of the Box:

  1. Start with the top part of the box. Putting the box upside down, spread glue inside the each 3D printed corner using a small stick, if needed remove the exceed of glue
  2. Mount the sides (long first, then the small one)
  3. Lock the 4 corners so the 3D parts are pressed against the wood parts
  4. Wait several hours (in my case) the complet drying of the glue
  5. Repeat the previous step (1 to 4) to complete the sides

Step 6: Mounting Everything Together: the Bottom

For the bottom: I used the thinnest pieces of wood from the old bottom. Two small (but thick) pieces of wood will be glued in the width, they will hold several layers of thin wood, this will ensure a robust bottom.

Cutting advice: since these parts are really thin (in my case), pressing the wood between two pieces of wood (the bottom wood must be one not meant to be use after aka a sacrificial wood) and then using a cutter is enough to cut it.

  • Clip the 4 3D printed bottom holder
  • Using the box as a reference cut:
    • 2 small (but thick) piece of wood in the width side
    • Several layers of thin in the long side of the box (using the inside of the box as a reference)
  • place a nut of glue in each corner
  • place the two thick and narrow pieces of wood

  • let it dry then place a layer of thin woods

  • glue each layer if needed

Step 7: Conclusion

If you use what left to make the cover, you have now a fully 100% recycle box: you can see this part on another instructable:

I started to decorate mine using a wolf head :) of course you can do as you please, your imagination is the limit, please let me know if you like this project and I'm curious to see your 100% recycled boxes!



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