Introduction: Recycled Chair Leg Stools

I think old chair legs are gorgeous and I have been collecting them to make into stools.

I found a way to connect the legs to the seat that is;

  • strong
  • cheap
  • simple

It took me a while because I had lots of fails, but now I am happy with the design.

Step 1: Mark Out the Brackets and Use the Bandsaw to Cut Out

Here I have used pine, but I would recommend a hard wood.

Step 2: Cut a Stool Base From the Old Chair Seat

Step 3: Cut All Legs to the Same Size

Step 4: Pre Drill the Centre of the Brackets and the Centre of the Legs

Step 5: Glue and Screw Legs to Brackets

Step 6: Attach Legs to Base of Stool

Step 7: Sand and Apply Finish of Choice

Step 8: Finishing Options