Recycled/reused Robot Head Radio

Introduction: Recycled/reused Robot Head Radio

I took an old broken CD player boom box that my sons had burned out the laser in, like this one:
And an old torpedo shelled fire extinguisher I had sitting in my garage, like this one:

And turned it into a functional art/conversation piece:

It plays FM radio as well as an aux. input. so you can play some funky tunes, or with Halloween almost upon us, load up an MP3 player with some scary sounds on a loop. I know I know he is to cute looking for scary sounds. = )

I hope to have at least written step by step instructions to make this big guy later, but unless I make another there will be no picture/video instructable to go with it. Not taking this one back apart! LOL
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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I hope you do write a step by step -- this looks really cool!