Introduction: Recycling Bin

We created a recycling bin that could reduce waste effectively. This recycling bin is for recycling plastic bottles.

Step 1: Capacity

Our recycling bin can hold up to 156 bottles. If you put ONE recycling bin in a school with about 50 rooms, like Lahser, One school can collect 7,800 bottles. This effectively reduces waster because we are reducing the amount of plastic in our society. It takes about 450- 1000 years for ONE PLASTIC BOTTLE to decompose.

Step 2: Draft

Our first step was to make a draft of what we want our bin to look like and how big it is. We changed our look of a bottle to just a normal bin because our bin could hold more and recycle more plastic

Step 3: Create

We changed our design and ended up with a 2ft by 4ft container. We made sure our bin was brightly colored, so that our bottle is attractive to the eye. Also this neon color makes people look at it more frequently.. Reminding them to recycle their bottles

Step 4: Overall

Lahser highschool can recycle about 405,600 bottles in ONE SCHOOL YEAR. Imagine all the schools in the world that can recycle this much IN ONE YEAR. Overall, our recycling bin design is a very good invention to help the environment reduce waste.

Step 5: How to Recycle

Take the bottles to a supermarket like Kroger or meijers, and insert the bottles in to a machine that compacts them. You even get money back for the amount of carbon bottles you recycle!!!