Introduction: Recycling Cleaneragent

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For those who tinker a lot on engines.

In stead of spending way to much on nasty stuff to clean your engines and parts I use regular lamp oil.

Technically it's paraffin oil, hardly evaporates but cleans great and is relatively safe in use.

When I noticed the dirt sinks to the bottom I started recycling the "clean" solvent by separating it from the dirt.

The most effective way is to try not to shake or disturb the fluid. You don't want the dirt floating around again.

So after you finished your hard work of cleaning whatever you prepare the container with dirty oil for the great trick.

Step 1: Honestly, It's Too Simple for Words....

In a quiet corner of your work space you set the dirty container on a high place slightly tilted so the fluid touches the rim. Move the set-up to the edge of the surface so you can put a clean container right under the dirty one.

If after a while the dirt has set you clip a piece of cloth to the top one with one end in to the deepest part of it.

The other end, about 25 cm or a foot long, dangles in to the clean one below.

It will start itself but you can speed that up by squirting a bit of oil on the bend.

Adjust the angle once or twice, depending the amount, but the next morning you have clean oil. Voila !

Work safe, have fun, Steve