Introduction: Recycling Your Plastic Bottles

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The absolutely amazing amount of plastic bottles that everybody uses in the everyday is really impressive.

Each second is more than 6,600 bottles of plastic drinks that are used in the United States, 400,000 per minute and 210 billion per year. Economic waste, the plastic bottles is worth the money and can be reused. Ecologically transport, for recycling may not be the most suitable solution. Moreover, even from a recycling point of view, by turning them into filament, you can reduce the volume of plastic bottles and of course the space they occupy on their way to be recycled. The weight of plastic waste in our oceans will eventually exceed that of fish within 30 years, according to the World Economic Forum estimates.

For manufacturing you will need :

  • A threaded rod with 2 nuts
  • a Corner
  • a cutter blade

Equipment :

  • metal saw
  • a cutter
  • a glue gun
  • a file
  • a meter
  • a drill with a drill bit

Step 1: Support

The metal angle can be u-shaped, or simply an angle it works.

You will need a length of 17cm.

Then drill a hole the size of your threaded rod at 7 cm.

Step 2: Notches

We'll make the notches.

The height depends on the diameter of the bottles.

Normally, for coca bottles, for example, the notch in the middle is at 4.5 cm above the center of the filtered stem.

You need more or less depth. To make several thicknesses.

Use a file for the edges of the notches

Step 3: Fixing the Cutter

Use a small cutter blade.

Then place it on the corner. You have to pay attention to the direction of unwinding.

Verify therefore from which side to place it. Glue the blade with the glue gun.

Be careful not to cut yourself with the cutter blade.
Important: Give a slight angle to the threaded rod.

This angle allows the bottle to flow smoothly and continuously.

If you leave the stem straight and perpendicular, this will not work properly.

Step 4: Type of Bottle

You should prefer smooth and straight bottles (coca-cola for example).

For bottles with grooves or waves on the bottle, such as water bottles you must to remove all rough edges.

Prefer smooth and straight bottles.

For bottles of water, for example, they must first be heated closed cap to be able to remove all the rough edges.

Then simply cut the bottom of the bottle.
It must be cut perfectly straight.

Step 5: Use and Advice

Push the plastic bottle onto the threaded rod.
The entire bottle can be unwind. You can cut strips of different sizes.

The yarn obtained is very resistant. When the wire resists, do not force it, but rather use it to catch it as close as possible to the cutter blade and shoot as straight as possible.

If all goes well, the bottle should be peeler,as a vegetable peeler

The slimming of plastic bottles, a new addiction particularly soothing.

This plastic rope can be used for just about every goal you can think of.

You will also find utilities for tinkering, gardening and even having fun plaiting baskets.

Watch the video to see the examples of use.

Pretty cool ! Is not it?

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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