Introduction: Recycling Those Cool Glass Soda Bottles!

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Upon drinking tons of coke and orange soda out of glass bottles (because it tastes better in a glass bottle) I decided to keep them since I knew I would find some use for them! Lo and behold I did.

Step 1: First Use

Not much needed for this, just a clean soda bottle and a field to frolick in.
Take bottle, fill it with water, go to a field, and pick some pretty flowers.
We happen to have a field of wild flowers in my backyard, so I just went out there and fought with some bees to pick a few pretty flowers.
Voila! A beautiful vase.

Step 2: Second Use

This one requires a few more supplies, we will be making terrariums!

Step 3: Supplies

You will need the following:
Long tongs, Mine were made out of coat hangers.
Glass bottles (if that wasn't a given)
Sand, Soil, Activated Charcoal, Pebbles, Moss, and whatever else you decide you want in your terrarium.

Step 4: Time to Get Your Hands Dirty!

Now it's time to add your layers, I looked a tutorial as to what layers to add, I did pebbles, charcoal, sand, soil then moss.

Step 5: One More Step, Optional of Course

Want to get that Pesky bottle label off?
You will need acetone nail polish remover
Some gauze
and a razor and/or edge of a knife.