Recyled Tin Can Melting Pot, Mixing Pot or Painters Kettle.



Introduction: Recyled Tin Can Melting Pot, Mixing Pot or Painters Kettle.

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I needed to melt some wax to seal the ends of wood turning blanks. A job that can be messy and should not be attempted over the good carpet

I didn't want to use a saucepan to melt the wax because of the cleanup that would be required after the job.  The heat source would be the wood stove in my shed so again a good saucepan was out of the question.

I had a large tin can that once contained peaches that was big enough to hold enough wax without being unstable and wide enough to allow some of the blanks to be dipped in the wax rather than having to paint it on.

I ingredients are simply a large tin can and a wire coat hanger for to make the handle.

The only tools needed are a pair of pliers and either a drill or a hammer and nail to make the holes for the handles.

The end product is a useful metal pot that has a multitude of uses and can be used on a stove to heat or melt various things like wax, tar or resins etc. 

Smaller cans are also useful to make a painters paint kettle with, a paint kettle is no more than a small tin pot with a wire handle used by painters for holding small amounts of paint when up a ladder or other place where the full can is to awkward or heavy to carry. . A paint kettle usually costs around £5.00 

The cans can be recycled again at the end of their usefulness, the handle can even be reused on the next pot you make.

Thanks for looking, I hope someone finds this useful.

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