Red Bull RZR



Introduction: Red Bull RZR

Hello! This project I will try to redesign the Rc car’s paint theme for the Polaris RZR UTV into the Red Bull RZR Racer from WL toys 12428-B. The steps to spray paint are simple and easy to do. The result is awesome. It’s look real and very cool.

Supplies that you need to do the “Red Bull RZR” project.

1. Spray paints (Light blue to Dark blue 3- 4 shade), Plastic primer.

2. Printer sticker (Red Bull, other sponsors logos.

3. Masking tape.

Step 1: Take It Apart and Clean

First, I take the wheel hubs, wheel rings, roof panel, body panels, hood, and driver’s helmet of from the RZR body. I clean the surface of with alcohol to make the surface not too oily for the spray paint. Next I get ready to spray paints, lay the things out into the group and spray plastic primer the first coat let it dry, and spray at least one more times. I separated in to 2 colors blue color for the wheel rings, driver’s helmet and red color the wheel hubs. Then I spray the colors 2- 3 coats (Make sure that the color stick to all areas, while let the paint dry.

Step 2: Masking the Tape and Spray Paint

Then I started to use the masking tape to mask the fender flares on the body panels, because it black and will look good for the RZR. Next I wrap the remote controller protect the paint. I just wanted to paint the bottom part. After that I spray the plastic primer to the body panels, roof panel, hood, and remote controller. I spray it twice and let it dry. Next I spray paint the light blue maybe 2- 3 coats of paint. Now I cut the strips of masking tape in to different width to make a pattern of criss- cross, be sure that both side panels are the same. I also put the masking tape on all parts and spray paint with a little darker blue. So I did all the steps that same way, until the last color is darker blue. Then I remove all the masking tape and spray clear coat maybe 2- 3 times. Now I attach all the panels back to the Red Bull RZR.

Step 3: Print the Logo and Apply to the RZR

The last step is too look for the Red Bull logo and other sponsors logos that related to the Polaris RZR racer. Lay it out on the computer make sure that are 2 each for each side, but make sure that all the logos are proportion to the Polaris RZR scale. I test print it before and do some adjustment of the proportion. Now I print the sticker, cut it out, and apply them into position on the Red Bull RZR racer. Now, I done and play with it. It fast and easy to do, it also looks like a real thing.

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