Introduction: Red Dot Sight Archery Mount

This is my first instructable so please go easy on me, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment below.

Step 1: This Is My Final Mounted Red Dot Sight

it probably cost me $50 to make, and that's only to buy the red dot sight. I already had all the metal.

Step 2: Making the Rail

This was the hardest step for me because I had to make a rail that would work for my red dot sight that uses a Weaver style mount. I wanted to keep it cheap so I made my own but you can buy them at a local sports store or off of eBay.
I used an old drawer slide that I had laying around. I took the inner sliding piece that had all the ball bearings in it and bent the sides into a triangle

Step 3: Building the Right Angles

The red dot sight had to be aligned with the flight of the arrow so I had to off set it a bit. This was achieved using a flat piece of metal.

Step 4: Getting a Good Distance

You want to have the red dot sight as close to you as possible so you can see the dot better, but you also don't want it to be too close because then you won't be able to put on the lens caps when your not shooting.

Step 5: Getting the Right Height

You need a good height so that you won't wreck your arrows when you shoot them.

Step 6: Try It Out

This is pretty simple, have a piece of metal that has a right angle on it and screw on the mount.

Step 7: Try It Out

Be careful!!!
It may not be sturdy so don't knock it on anything!
but now that your finish head down to the archery range, take some shots, and enjoy! :D

I am not responsible for any injury or broken equipment. Always shoot in a safe area and never point your bow at anyone. Please be sure that the red dot sight is out of the arrows path before shooting. Over all, just be safe, smart, and have fun making your own Red Dot Sight Archery Mount!