Introduction: Red Dot Wooden Earrings With Sugru

I wanted to experiment combining traditional and new materials. In this case I used some juniper sticks (lightweight and fragrant) and red sugru. The making was pretty straight forward and sugru attached firmly to the wooden pieces. You can choose various ways of decorating your earrings. I personally like the minimalist approach.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • 2 juniper sticks approx. 5.5 cm long
  • a pack of red sugru
  • 2 French hook earwires with ball and coil
  • 2 matching eye pins
  • a sewing pin
  • a pointed tool (I used a decorating tool with a pointed plastic end from my kids baking set)
  • pliers
  • a saw

Step 2: The Making

With the saw cut through the juniper sticks to shorten them to the desired length. Open the sugru pack and after giving sugru a good squeeze, shape into miniature balls. Press them firmly to the juniper sticks. Then with the pointed tool make holes in the centre of each ball. Leave overnight to allow sugru to harden and glue itself to the wood. Finally, with the help of the pliers and a sewing pin to drill a hole in the wood, attach the earwires and eye pins to the top of the sticks. Enjoy!

Step 3: Other Ideas

See the above photo for another way of using the same technique.

I generally think mixing wood with its natural texture and form and bright coloured sugru details is a good idea that can be exploited further by designers and artists.