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Introduction: Red Eclipse: Weaponry Development

Hello, and welcome to my little presentation (well, more of a summary) of what many console commands, located in the game Red Eclipse, can be used for. They are left untouched by most people that don't realize the capabilities that they offer. I myself have played the game, quite a bit recently, and have quickly discovered that the same repetitive CTF or TDM scenario can get rather boring after awhile. I bet even a few of you out there have picked up the game for a week (give or take) and then promptly exited out and never returned. I almost did myself really, but then I discovered a cool trick, which i could only implement using against Bots, in offline play, seeing as how difficult i found it to set up a server of my own. Now, this was fun at first, and well, still is, However, obliterating helpless bots that don't know any better, or rather, never build up an “immunity’ to certain tactics so to speak, can get pretty boring.

The feature i'm getting at here, for those of you out there that are lucky enough to host a server for other players , is weapon customization through gameplay commands. Dont get me wrong, i love to play Bomber Ball as much as the next guy, but the same repetitive game type can get rather stale.

Any administrator, by entering just a few of these commands, can change very basic gameplay ability as well as what your server has to offer. Likewise, anyone that can enter offline play can enter these as well to use them against bots.

Now, i will only be talking about weapon modification this time, as thats the subject i know best currently, however, if i learn more, i might create more in-depth topics to increase playability in the game.

Step 1:

Now then, onto weapon talk.

I’m sure that almost everyone agrees that the weapons that were defaulted into Red Eclipse aren't bad, and maybe even accurately imported to not be too overpowered, but not incredibly difficult to use, so i wont be criticizing the weapons to assume that they are terrible, because frankly, they are not. Rather, how to improve them to be more fun to use. Now this goes without saying, but, you can use this knowledge in two ways:
1. Make ultra OP weapons that no one ever has a chance of getting past, making the game fun for you, but annoying for others, or
2. Making them more fun, or more reliable, and better suited to giving an equal chance in gameplay.

So lets dive right in.

Download This by pasting the link, and hitting the “Download This File” Button.
( This is a list of the weapon commands we will be discussing here. )

So, the file above contains configuration commands for the pistol in Red eclipse. However, All weapons have these commands, and can be edited with the same guidelines, by changing the word “Pistol” to “Rifle”.

Here is a list of the current weapon choices available: (DO NOT INCLUDE CAPITAL LETTERS)


Now then, just to be sure that we are all on the same page here, you’ll need to learn a few words and what they mean in game terms.

Player - The person playing the game from their own point of view.
Target - Another player, or bot, that the player encounters or targets.
Weapon - The current weapon held by the player, or targeted by a command.
Projectile - The bullet fired directly from the weapon.
Frag - The “Fragments” or shrapnel left over by the “death” of a projectile.
(Primary) - The primary projectile type fired when player shoots (Left click)
(Secondary) - The secondary projectile type fired when player shoots (Right click)
( -- Integer --  or -- Float -- ) If instead of a definition in the command file, this is listed, it either means that there was no game based definition i could find, or i didn't care about figuring out what id did. However, if you figure these out, (which i strongly recommend you attempt) then feel free to add definitions to the list, so that you dont forget. Remember, this is strictly to help the player, which you might be, and i wont be able to do everything for you. :)

Thats pretty much it, however there's one more that can get a bit complicated for some people, so i will provide a link, and an image for the HEX color format codes.

HEX format color - Format of 0xFFFFFF (Example)
Hex Colour Codes

Step 2:

So, lets get started with the basic explanation,
Lets say for example we wanted to take this boring old Red Eclipse Pistol.

And make it do something cool, like i dunno,
Shoot blue Fireballs.

Heres how we do it:

The first of two things we need to do, is change the bullet type to fire, this is actually pretty simple, because it can be done in one simple command.

Step 3:

Now, while we're on the subject of commands, i think its worth mentioning that in the commands list that you have ( Or may not have ) downloaded, every command begins with sv_ . To create a command in game, simply take this command, remove that thse characters, and replace them with a “/”.

So heres the full command for changing the projectile to a ball of fire:

/pistolparttype1 5
(You can copy paste this in-game also)

Now heres how this works,

The “/” tells the game that this is a command.
The “pistol” tells the game what weapon you want to edit, this can be any weapon in the game, from rifle to shotgun. (See List above)
The “part” Tells the game that you want to edit the projectile of the weapon
The “type” Tessl the game you want to change what type the projectile is
The “1” Tells that you want to edit the Main or Primary projectile to be fired
and finally,
The “5” Tells the game that you want to set the projectile type to type 5 or a fireball, this number can be anywhere between 0 and 10, depending on what projectile type you want, in this case, we want fireballs, so we use the number “5”.

So now we have a regular pistol that shoots yellow fireballs. They are yellow because the default color type for the pistol projectile is set to a HEX form of the color yellow.

Step 4:

Now lets talk about coloring. The game of Red Eclipse bases all of its colors in a HEX format, meaning that instead of calling the color blue “Blue”, It is instead referred to as “0x0000ff”. The way this works, is that the first 0 and the ‘x’ tells the game basically what type of color format this is, and the next 6 0’s tell what combination and intensity color to use. The format is essentially RRGGBB ( RED RED  GREEN GREEN  BLUE BLUE ) However, It can be a tad more complex at times. as 0x000000 = Transparent and 0xFFFFFF = White , and everything in between.

There is a link posted above to a site, as well as a downloadable chart that shows what code corresponds with what color. 

Okay, so now lets go over the color command.

/pistolpartcol1 0x0000ff
(Again this can be directly pasted into Red Eclipse)

In this case, the “/”, “pistol”, and “part” Act the same as before, however this time
“col” tells the game you want to edit the colour of the projectile, “1” just means the primary projectile, and we already know that the code for blue is “0x0000ff”

So now that we have our finished product, lets say that we want this Fire Pistol to become…

Hmm… How about we take that pistol and make it fully automatic, and give it a clip size of 200 just for fun?

Step 5:

so, to change a regular weapon to fully automatic, the command would be:

/pistolfullauto1 1

This should be pretty self explanatory, however, this command can only have a 0 or 1 value. Zero represents off and One represents on.

So now we dont have to click to fire, but we still need t speed this up a bit, otherwise it isnt really considered “spewing” fire.

/pistolattackdelay1 25

This command sets the time for one firing action to be completed, at around ¼ of the normal speed. Thats a tad better for what we needed, so let's move on to clip size.

/pistolmax 200

Now with this command, the total amount of ammunition in one clip is set to 200 instead of the normal 10. However, this causes you to have to reload about 20 times to get the full 200.

To fix this problem, Simply:

/pistoladd 200

This basically sets how much ammo you add to the weapon when reloading or picking up a spawned weapon. Now whenever you reload, the clip will be full of the total 200 rounds.

The second to  last step to completing our Blue-Fire Spewing Auto Pistol of Doom, is to increase the size of the fireball we shoot. Its relatively small at the moment, and we want to be able to see it when we fire. so:

/pistolpartsize1 15

This should make the flame fairly large, and deadly.

The final step in finishing our pistol, is to change the colour of the explosion, so that instead of seeing a red flame on impact, we see blue, so it matches.

/pistolexplcol1 0x0000ff

And thats it! Now we have a fully auto blue fire shooting pistol!

Step 6:

Now that we have the basics of weapon modifying in Red Eclipse down, I’d like to cover another good trick that makes editing weapons rather easy.

Commands entered into Red Eclipse, can be entered at the same time. For example, Lets say that you want to make the rifle a 15 round weapon, that shoots at ½ the speed and reloads instantly.

All we have to do, is separate all the commands with a “;” or Semicolon. However, if we separate a command this way in the same line, we won't need the “/” again because the game already knows that we are making a command.

So for instance:

/riflemax 15; rifleadd 15; rifleattackdelay1 375; riflereloaddelay 0

This is all one command, and can be entered into the text menu together. Also, whenever you close one command by adding a semicolon, the game will only give you info on the next command you type. So with this, we can simply have saved versions of whatever weapon modification we made in a .txt file and re-enter them easily whenever we want!

I really hope this helped, and i cant wait to see if this ever gets implemented into some Red Eclipse Servers!

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