Introduction: Red Leaf Lettuce Space Plant

For the Growing Beyond Earth contest, we want to improve the current irrigation system that NASA currently within our design. Our design is self-efficient and will save astronauts time. Our unique irrigation system will water the plants independently without the astronaut's help. This design hopes to provide a more efficient way of the irrigation system in space for plants. The drip irrigation system provides pressurized water for eight plants. These fans are attachable to the 50 by 50 frame and provide a strong airflow. The LED lights are white and are placed on top of the design that way plants will grow up.


Our Materials:

  • 8 red lettuce seeds
  • 8 Plant pillow
  • 2 long white LED lights
  • 2 mechanical fans (Portable Handheld Fan, 2200mAh Battery Powered Clip-on Personal Desk Baby Fan Air Circulator Fan with Flexible Tripod, Ultra Quiet 4 Speed 360° Rotatable USB Fan for Stroller/Bike/Camping/BBQ/Gym)
  • 1 automatic drip irrigation system
  • ETFE plastic
  • Gore-Tex cloth
  • Screws
  • Power drill
  • Metal tubes
  • Acrylic hinges
  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • IV bag

Step 1: The Construction of the Frame

First, you should begin by building the 50 by 50 frame. The metal tubes will be attached by acrylic hinges. The EFTE plastic that has high resistance will cover the frame.

Step 2:

The mechanical fans will be screwed in. The mechanical fans are located on the top right and top left. The mechanical fans will provide airflow. So, that the plants have oxygen and can breathe.

Step 3:

Next, after we have screwed in the mechanical fans, we are now going to screw on the lights on top of the 50 by 50 rectangle. This way that the plants will grow up. Since the light source is up the plants will grow up and won’t get entangled with each other.

Step 4:

We are now going to drill a hole in the container and create a hole in the plant pillows for the tube of the automatic drip irrigation to fit through. This will help the water from the container to go through the pressurized tubing towards the eight-way tubing to the plant pillows.

Step 5:

We are going to cover the siding of holes in the container and the planet pillow with Gore-Tex cloth. This will help reduce the amount of water loss since it could go everywhere due to microgravity.

Step 6:

Now we will put the tubes into the plant pillows. That way each plant will get just enough water that each plant needs to survive.

Step 7:

We fill the container with 10,000ml which would last for 45 days. We would be watering the plants every 4-5 days; 100ml each time to each plant.

Step 8:

Set the timer onto the drip irrigation system machine; you will have to reset the timer again after 30 days.

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