Red Leather Polish

Introduction: Red Leather Polish

Do you have an old red leather bag or wallet that you haven't been using because they are scratched up and discolored in places? How about some worn out red shoes? Has it been difficult finding some matching red polish? Well it certainly was for me! I couldn't find any information online, except how to make your own polish. However, it occurred to me that the ingredients for leather polish are basically the same as in lipstick. So if you want to polish leather with lipstick, it turns out pretty nicely. Prepare by finding a lipstick that is similarly colored to your leather, may be just a little bit darker.

Step 1: Polish With Red Lipstick

Start polishing with red lipstick. Leather polish is basically a combination of oil, wax, and tint. So is lipstick.
Make sure that your leather is clean by wiping down with a soft damp cloth and waiting for it to dry. Make sure the cloth isn't wet enough to soak into the leather! Just wet enough to wipe away the dirt with a few strokes. The leather should dry pretty quickly. By the way, don't use this on suede! I don't think it will work... It might mat it.
After the leather dries, start drawing with the lipstick over the parts that need touching up.

Step 2: Rub In

Rub in the lipstick as you would any leather polish. Wipe away any extra with a dry cloth. You should have a very nice looking leather object now!

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