Introduction: Red Pup-Couture

I made this sweater for my little 3 lb dog that freezes so easily and the store bought outfits don’t cover her very much. I took a wool sweater and felted it, then crochet the edges with a single stitch and took the black edging and sewed it together to make it into a bow shape. It covers her neck and ears a bit and goes all the way down to her tail, still giving her the space on her belly she need when she goes outside. It is a one of a kind sweater and I think it turned out really cute. I have also made a few more. One is a small gray one where I crochet a tie on it for a little boy dog. I call my line a doggy clothing Pup-Couture. They are runway style and I am consider making a video parody of Project runway soon that I will post hopefully by the time the fall season comes along.

Enjoy and good luck everyone!! I have quite a few photographs of this because it was so cute on her and she was modeling so well and all of them were turning out so cute…lol.


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